Brand Strategy

Your Brand Strategy defines who you are, what you do, and why your customers should care. It should be a clear articulation of your business description and unique positioning in the marketplace vis-a-vis competitors. The Brand Strategy is a central organizing principle which plays an important role as a business driver beyond marketing. It functions as a “north star” which helps guide company decisions as well as employee behavior.

We do not advise or make recommendations on marketing spend without a clearly defined Brand Strategy.

strategic services

MBC can help companies across all areas of Brand Strategy including:

Market Research

We use both qualitative and quantitative market research to inform:

  • Market sizing
  • White space/positioning territories
  • Competitive scorecard
  • Brand equity/strength
  • Customer needs states
  • Market segmentation/targeting
  • Product preferences

Brand Drivers Analysis

  • Identify predictive drivers of preference for the brand and products/service
  • Prioritize messaging
  • Identify the most important brand attributes for market impact
  • Identify key brand drivers across the marketing funnel

Mission, Vision, Values

  • Articulate company mission, vision, values
  • Align the brand with mission/vision
  • Develop corporate communications strategy

Positioning Strategy

  • Develop and articulate a unique value proposition for the brand that differentiates it from the competition
  • Define key target audiences
  • Exploit white space opportunities in the category
  • Develop a tagline (optional)

Competitive Analysis

  • Develop a comprehensive competitive mapping within the category
  • Utilize SWOT and Five Forces analyses to diagnose the competitive space

Brand Architecture and Portfolio

  • Develop a brand portfolio strategy which improves efficiency and business performance
  • Identify opportunities for product rationalization and simplication
  • Develop a customer-forward brand architecture framework