Business Acceleration

Brand momentum 

Our approach focuses on driving brand momentum for our clients.  We help clients drive business growth through their brands by ensuring they are agile, aligned with cultural zeitgeist, excite their customers, generate organic engagement and are future-proofed.


Our approach prioritizes momentum as an operating principle across the following pillars:


ROE & ROI-Focused

While return on investment (ROI) is the ultimate success metric for any signficant marketing investment, it is often difficult to directly correlate a brand investment to a specific financial result. That’s where return on engagement (ROE) comes in. ROE is the overall brand strength gained from a particular brand action, strategy, or product. Although it’s harder to measure, ROE ensures organizations align the brand directly to the consumer.


Agile Marketing

The modern marketing organization today is more reliant on technology companies than advertising agencies. Marketing workflows now incorporate many of the Agile, Scrum and Minimal Viable Product principles utilized by software companies. Our approach combines classic marketing principles with the fast-evolving techniques of Agile Marketing. This includes a stronger emphasis on rapid test-and-learn, multi-variate and non-linear brand development. 

Fast-Track Branding

Companies today can no longer spend a lot of time to figure out and launch their brands.  Technology has made the world more competitive, allowing new players to enter the market quicker and gain market share in a matter of months, not years.  Our fast-track approach delivers brand solutions faster by adopting agile marketing principles and iterative collaboration with our clients.


Media Agnostic/Omni-channel

As consultants, we develop solutions without a bias towards any specific type of media or channel. Unlike ad agencies and digital marketing agencies who are incentivized to create solutions for a particular media platform, our media agonstic perspective allows us to deliver client-first solutions which are objective and goals-based. This also allows us to recommend seamless experiences across all channels.