Speed is a primary focus for business in this day and age. If a company isn’t fast enough, another company will come along and fill the need presented. In traditional business practices we’ve found that innovation is limited by an agency’s inability to move with the speed of business. We get caught up in tradition, minute details, and are restricted by the “way we’ve always done things.” It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, if there’s anything that start ups have taught big business, its that speed is the key to success.

Consider this scenario: a member of the marketing team has an innovative idea that would not only benefit the customer, but also the company. He/she brings the idea to the supervisor’s attention, who quickly dismisses it. They have three months left on their current testing, they haven’t compiled all of the data yet, and their contract with the customer is too restrictive. In order to implement the innovative new idea, it would require rewriting the contract with the customer, consulting with legal, and more. It would be a minimum of six months before it was even ready to present to the customer. The idea is left on the table, an opportunity lost for the company, the customer, and the employee.

With Agile Marketing it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s an innovative and exciting way to conduct business. Agile Marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on working in small teams to get things done quickly, in order to keep up with the pace of business. By working in small teams, with permissions to get the job done, things are done much quicker through Agile Marketing. Proponents of Agile Marketing, like us, believe that it’s more important to communicate and collaborate than it is to get caught up in the minutia. We believe in people over plans. Communicating and collaboration with clients is more important than the plans we have in place. Flexibility is key.

We also believe that in Agile Marketing data is important. While experience and innovation play their part, ignoring the massive amounts of data available to us is just short of negligent. We are able to use rapid iterations to experiment and implement those ideas that are effective. We believe in putting all of our eggs in many different baskets. Large campaigns are no longer the only way to go, instead we support running a large variety of iterations, and in doing so we are able to adjust quickly. If one campaign isn’t doing well, we can pull that and put more money into another campaign. It’s just smart business.

Our teams are experienced in Agile Marketing, and together we can provide your business with the tools it needs to move forward. Agile Marketing consists of the tools that will be used in the future, and owning that understanding is what is necessary for every business in order to compete now and in the coming years. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about Agile Marketing, and finding out what it can do for the future of your business.